Welcome to Four Paws Studio!

Four Paws Studio began in a spare bedroom with Taz, my cat, who often tried to create a web site for himself by walking on the keyboard. Taz still wants to help, but he is often relinquished to my lap.

Established in southern New Hampshire during 2000, Four Paws Studio is currently located in central Massachusetts. We have built a rock solid foundation of web design and development professionals into a comprehensive team of people that want to design and implement the perfect web site for your needs. Four Paws Studio can create a dynamic web site for your small or large business to communicate to your clients, vendors, and customers. Our team of professionals will analyze, plan and develop your web site to meet the needs of your business.

Our strength lies in our ability to use the best team member for the project. Four Paws Studio does not have a full time staff, instead, we have a large pool of designers and developers to choose from, when we are compiling the team for each project. Customizing a team for each project also means that you get the best person for every aspect of your site. Overall, this gives you the best people, the best skills, and the best finished product…your web site!

Deb & The Fuzzy Crew
Four Paws Studio

Back Bay - Boston